General Resource List [supplies, instruments, repairs]

A list of general supplies, double reed retail websites, and repair specialists.

GENERAL SUPPLIES (reed tools, sheet music, etc)

Forrests Music Double Reed Specialists (
RDG Woodwinds (
Charles Double Reeds ( (supplies only. Do NOT purchase instruments from here!!)
Midwest Musical Imports (
Hodge Products (
Woodwind & Brasswind (


John Gobel at Forrests Music (
Ginger Ramsey at Covey Oboes (
RDG Woodwinds (
Brian Seaton (
Michael Vigloitti in Denver, CO (please contact me for a phone number)

INSTRUMENT PURCHASES (*always discuss with your teacher first)

Forrests Music Double Reed Specialists (
RDG Woodwinds (
Midwest Musical Imports (
The Oboe Fairy; Hannah’s Oboes (
Mark Chudnow Woodwinds (


Please contact me for my current list of handmade reed providers for bassoon. If you do not have an instructor to adjust your oboe reeds, or are uncomfortable adjusting your own, I’d recommend the following choice for high altitude:

If you are at sea level, or have an instructor to help you do adjustments at high altitude, I’d recommend: