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Join Khara Wolf, a multi-woodwind instrumentalist with a focus on oboe, English horn, flute, and whistle.


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Private Lessons

Learn more about Classical and Celtic remote and in-person private lessons on oboe, English horn, reed-making, flute, and whistle.

Workshops & Reeds

Information on setting up workshop and classes, as well as recommended links where you can buy high altitude handmade reeds.

About Khara Wolf

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Thoughts from the community…

Khara is an exceptional reed maker. She has been making high altitude oboe and English horn reeds for many years. Her reeds have a beautiful, warm tone with the flexibility necessary for a wide variety of colours and dynamics. Each reed is hand made with the particular player in mind, which provides an optimum playing experience every time. She chooses the best materials possible and ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality. Khara is also a skilled reed-making teacher. She is patient and pays attention to the smallest details so that students can produce their own reeds that sound beautiful and are also a pleasure to play on

Dr. Ciara Glasheen-Artem

Head, MTU Cork School of Music

I have been taking oboe lessons from Khara Wolf for several months now and have developed a great appreciation for her teaching style. She is an excellent educator, giving me valuable tips on many different aspects of playing the oboe while always being supportive and positive. If I mention a problem; she suggests possible solutions. I leave each lesson with simpler starting points to work step-wise towards achieving more difficult results. Reed-only exercises were new to me. My embouchure has improved, and along with that, my intonation. My practice has become a bit more focused and consistent; it’s good to see progress, especially at my (advanced!) age. In addition, Khara has made me some reeds and refined some of my old ones that needed touching up. I am not a reed-maker and she understands the importance of having responsive, in-tune reeds. I would give her my best recommendation. It’s money well-spent if you are serious about improving your oboe playing

Adult Student

Oboe, Durango, Colorado

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