Oboe Doubler Accessories

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If you double on the oboe, here is a list of the acessories you might need.

I have been doubling on woodwinds for over 20 years. There have been gigs where I have taken up to 6 different instruments with me! Whether you are looking for an oboe sale, or gig acessories, here are some essentials you’ll need to make oboe a comfortable part of your regular set-up.

The Basics

First, you’ll need a reliable instrument and a reed to play on.

Oboe For Sale – Fox Renard Model 330 Oboe

There are so many oboes to choose from! If you are looking for an oboe instrument for sale, this is a great model for a woodwind player doubling on oboe.

  • It is plastic (so it won’t crack in pits or as you switch between instruments)
  • It has a wider bore then the beginner models (allowing for a bigger sound and a wider dynamic range)
  • It’s easy to repair!
  • Unlike beginner models, it has a Left-F (which you’ll be glad you have!)
Fox Renard Artist 330 Oboe

Image Credit wwbw.com

Legere European Scraped Synthetic Oboe Reed

I am a true fan of the authentic resonance a cane reed has to offer, but synthetic reeds have come a long way. 

I have used the Legere reed and can recommend it as an excellent choice for woodwind players needing something consistent in the pit (or if you don’t want to mess with making your own reeds). 

I reccomend the medium-soft. It is the easiest to play on and has a beautiful tone. These reeds can be adjusted as well! You can check out my comparison here.

Legere Synthetic Oboe Reed

Image Credit wwbw.com

K&M Woodwind Stand

This stand is a life-saver for anyone playing multiple woodwinds. I actually keep it on my desk and then fold it up for gigs.

It has four customizable placement screws and you can buy the pegs seperately to choose which ones you need. The oboe peg works for both oboe and English horn. I tied a little thread at the bottom of the piccolo peg and use it for my penny whistle!

This stand is sturdy enough to keep your instruments safe, but light enough to fold up and take with you.

Oboe English Horn Stand

Image Credit wwbw.com

Reed Tools

Even if oboe isn’t your primary instrument, you’ll need a few essentials to keep your purchased reeds feeling good and lasting longer. If you need help with reed adjustments, use my free guide.

Reed Geek Universal G4 Reed Tool

This might just be one of the best tools you purchase. Unlike traditional reed knives, you never need to sharpen this tool, and as a bonus, it is safe to fly with in your carry on!

Sharp enough to adjust your oboe reeds, this tool also works on the synthetic Legere reeds as well.

Reed Geek Oboe Reed Took

Image Credit wwbw.com

Reed Case & Parafilm

Reed cases help the reeds last longer by preventing damage, and most importantly, they have ventilation that will prevent mold.

Parafilm is by far the best way to seal your reeds. It stretches more then plumbers tape, is clear, and stays on way better then fish skin.

Buy Parafilm >>

Buy Reed Case >>

Reed-Adjusting Kit

My go-to recommendation is the Forrests oboe reed tool kit. This kit is one of the few tool kits that come with a sharpening stone!

While this kit has the essentials for making your own reeds, it’s still the best bang for your buck. 

I recommend the B-12 or B-13 beveled knife. These are the easiest to sharpen for beginners. 

Watch video on how to sharpen a beveled knife >>

Oboe reed tool kit with sharpening stone

Image Credit forrestsmusic.com


A few things you might need to take care of your oboe on the go.

Screwdriver and Springhook

A woodwind basic that you might already have, the classic screwdriver and springhook. This handy tool can be purchased all-in-one to save space, or individually to save money. 

Buy individual screwdriver >>
Buy individual springhook >>

Screwdriver all in one

Image Credit hodgeproductsinc.com

English Horn Pull-Through Swab

A quick pro-tip for you…this pull-through English horn swab can be used for both obe and English horn! While it can be pulled through the English horn (not the oboe), I don’t recommend pulling it through either. Simply pull to the end with the tail still sticking out the bell and pull back through (to be safe).

Music Stand Utility Tray

Even if you don’t double, a utility tray can be a game changer for double reed players. However, if you do double on an oboe or English horn, this tray provides everything you need, including a reed soaker!

If you prefer just to buy the reed soaker instead, you can do so here >>

Jones Utility Music Stand Tray

Image Credit jonesdoublereed.com


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