Musician Health and Wellness Resource List

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A note about this list:

This list is intended to be an ongoing resource for musician health and wellness. I am not affiliated with any of the listed resources, nor endorsed by any of them. These are sources I have compiled via recommendations, and/or also found helpful myself.

After a harrowing two-year back/spine injury, a year of tendonitis prior to that (overuse injury), and various periods of burnout, I have become passionate about the topic of health and wellness over the years and feel it should be a core pillar in music education, and in the music community. I would love to see musicians seeking out resources long before an injury or burnout occur. Topics that might be covered [for musicians] include, but are not limited to, physical health, mental health, injury prevention and recovery, and burnout.

I have been amazed, and thrilled, at the extensive resources already available by so many incredible individuals in our community. I hope this list may be helpful in your music journey. Please contact me if you offer a service, or know someone who does, as I plan on keeping this list up-to-date and growing as much as possible.

Physical Therapy & Coaching

Yoga & Meditation


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