Getting Started with Intermediate Oboe Music

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If you have been playing oboe for about a year and are ready to move onto the next level, this is the intermediate oboe music I recommend.

Technique Books

If you are looking for intermediate oboe music, these are the first real technical etude books I introduce students too. The melodies are easy enough to start with (espeically in Barret), but keep in mind they can be used all the way through Undergrad and beyond (as there is quite a bit of variety).

Oboe Method by A. M. R. Barret

This is one of the most standard oboe books in the repertoire. I reccomend the version that was revised by Martin Schuring as it is much easier to read (espeically for students). That being said, you can purchase the original version, or download the original version for free on imslp.

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Barret Forty Progressive Melodies for Oboe

with Duet Accompaniment for oboe or English Horn
This is one of my favorite method books to use with students because of the duets. When teaching Barret, I often use this book to play with them in lessons. Additionally, Jillian Camwell and Peter Cooper recently put out a play-along CD of all 40 melodies that is an incredible resource. Download play-along >

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Famous 48 Studies by Ferling

This is another frequently used etude book for many oboists. The 48 melodies are often used for all state auditions. Take note, these etudes are a bit more challenging then Barret. There is also a second part that can be purchased for more duets options (for the pieces at the end of the book).

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First Standard Solo Repertoire

These intermediate oboe music pieces are great for getting started on standard repertoire (outside of the Rubank books and solo “collections”).

Sonata in a minor by Telemann

Other then Concerto in Bb by Handel (noted below), the other baroque piece I love starting students on is Sonata in a minor for oboe and piano by Telemann. This piece is accessible and fun to play. I usually start with the slower movements (I and III).

There is also an un-edited free version on imslp that I like to use with more advanced students who are ready to choose their own ornamentation. Download free version >

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Romanze by Leonard Ball

This was one of the best finds! It’s fun to play, short (just over 2 minutes), and repeats the melody in three different keys. This makes it very accessible as one of the first solo pieces a student can learn. The middle key is in Ab and provides students a chance to learn left-Eb for the first time. The end has an optional lower octave choice for beginners.
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Romance by P.I. Tchaikovsky

Arranged for oboe and piano by Myron Zakopets.
One of my students introduced me to this piece. It is a great next step after Telemann and Ball. It is slightly more challenging, but completely accessible and enjoyable to play. It gives students a chance to play expressively and also start working on romantic-style grace notes (outside of their etudes).

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Duets & Play-Alongs

Concerto per 2 oboi op. 7/11 by Albinoni

If you are looking for more duets, this is one of the most accessible concertos for two oboes. It also is a fun performance piece for two oboists in a studio recital. The sheet music comes with two separate oboe parts and a piano part. There are lots of small breaks (because of the piano part), which makes this piece a good choice for those new to performing.
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Allegro & Minuet Oboe Duet by  Beethoven

Arranged by. Jessica Wilkins
If you are looking for a duet to help students build some speed and endurance, this is a super fun Beethoven arrangement that is a good next step to more difficult material. It goes up to a high D and is mostly in the key of G. This would also be fun for a studio concert. As per the usual with Beethoven, there aren’t many breaks, so it’s great for building chops as well!

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The Oboe Soloist (Play-Along)

One of the easiest solo pieces to start with is Concerto in Bb by Handel. Most beginners are already familiar with Bb from band. This concerto provides a chance to work on using left-F and has minimal accidentals.

This piece is included in The Oboe Soloist collection. The book has several other (more advanced) standards as well. It comes with an example track and a play-along piano-only track. This makes it an ideal starting place for building a new solo collection.

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