Oboe and Bassoon Reed Accessories and Tools: Beginner’s Guide

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If you have been playing oboe and bassoon for a few years and are ready to start adjusting your reeds, make sure you have this list of essential oboe and bassoon reed accessories and adjusting tools. If you are just getting started and aren’t quite ready to adjust your own reeds, check out this guide on the essential items you need in your first year of playing.

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Essential Oboe and Bassoon Reed Accessories Adjusting Tool List:

  • Reed Knife
  • Plaque
  • Cutting Block
  • Sharpening Stone
  • Mandrel
  • Razor Blades and/or Tip Cutter
  • Rag or piece of old shirt (for scraping/stone)
  • Tuner (for checking pitch)
  • Reed Making Book (optional, but helpful!)

Oboe and Bassoon Knife

Plaque (consider buying a couple in case you lose one)

Cutting Block

Oboe and Bassoon Reed Knife Sharpening Stones and Tools


  • Oboe: Oboe Mandrel
  • Bassoon: Rigotti Short Bassoon Mandrel or Fox Short Bassoon Mandrel

Razor Blades (oboe)/Tip Cutter (bassoon)*

*you can use the end of your knife to cut the tip of a reed, however this will wear your knife out sooner, risk causing chips in your knife, and won’t result in the necessary precision

Sandpaper (bassoon only)

Needle Nose Pliers (bassoon and English horn only)

Other Reed Making Tools (necessary when you start tying your own reeds)

Oboe and Bassoon Reed Making Books

Oboe and Bassoon Tool Kit Suggestions


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