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About the Reeds

Due to a prior injuries, I am not currently selling my handmade oboe reeds. I frequently play-test hand-made high-altitude reed options that come my way. This free resource is a list of recommended high altitude oboe and bassoon reeds you can buy.

*This list is based on my personal experience with these reeds and may not reflect all playing styles. I am not affiliated with any of the recommended vendors and have not been paid to advertise their prodcuts.

➤ Looking for low altitude reed suggestions instead? Check out this guide by Alli Gessner. She works a lot with beginner oboists and students transitioning to oboe from other instruments (in band).

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Buy High-Altitude Oboe Reeds

Made in Metro Denver at 5,400 feet, Peak Reeds reeds are handmade by a member of the Colorado Symphony. Choose from a variety of student and professional oboe and English horn reed options. *Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Jennifer Stucki at Wooden Singer Reeds makes great high-altitude oboe and English Horn reeds. Made at 5,328 feet in Boulder, Colorado, these reeds are beautifuly crafted and the most similar to my own reed making style. *Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. These reeds sometimes go out of stock.

Cascade Oboe Reeds by Cheryl Wefler is a great resource for custom high altitude reeds. She lives at elevation and can accomodate any playing style. Enter detailed information about how you like your reeds at checkout or email Cheryl directly at Include the name of your teacher, if you are currently studying with someone.

Alternate oboe options that work well at altitude…

While these reeds are made in WI, the HB Professional Oboe Reed works well at high altitude. I’ve play tested the “10 mm cane” + “soft” option and it requires no adjustmetns. At high alittude this combo feels like a “medium soft” reed. These reeds are very easy to play, but still have a proper amount of resistance and a beautiful tone—this is hard to do. Bravo Heidi! These reeds are reccomended for students of all levels. If you want to make some adjustments yourself, order the “medium soft”.

The medium soft oboe reed by Sandy’s Reeds has a good opening and works well at high altitude. She also sells an English Horn reed. Adjustments are reccommended for both.

For Baroque Oboe, I Highly recommend the handmade baroque oboe reeds by Jeanine Krause.

Buy Oboe and Bassoon Reeds

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Buy Bassoon Reeds

Made in Boulder, CO, Billy’s Bassoon Reeds offer a great response and flexibility throughout the entire range of the instrument and are a fanastic choice for all players.

Made by David Brundage, the Brundage Professional Bassoon Reed also works really well at high altitude. They are very easy to play on, have good response, a smooth tone, and require little to no adjusting.

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Schedule a Reed Adjustment Session

Reeds will always be adjusted in the first 5-15 minutes of your private lesson. If you are not currently taking lessons and would like a reed adjustment on one of your own reeds, I offer reed adjustment lessons starting with a 30 minute slot. If you’d like to schedule a longer adjustment lesson, the rates are based on my hourly rate.

*Important Note: It is the nature of reeds to change over the course of the reeds life, sometimes stiffening up as it gets broken in and unstable as it breaks down. Other condition, such as weather changes or tip damage may affect the reed. Reeds will be adjusted as needed in a lesson, however replacements will only be made if the damage is due to something structurally wrong with the reed or cane.

Double Reed Workshop Durango

A Note About My Set-Up

I have been making reeds in the mountains of Colorado at 7,500 feet for over 20 years. The oboe reeds I make for myself are hand gouged using a custom RDG 10 mm blade/bed gouger with the center measuring 57-59 and the sides about 47. Cane selection comes from first available medium-hard cane and measures 9.5-10 mm in diameter. The finished length is around 68 mm with a heart length of about 5 mm. I tie my reeds on Stevens-copy 45mm cork staples. Reeds are made on a Mack-Pfeiffer (medium narrow) shaper tip.