Best Beginner and Intermediate Flute Music

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As a flute instructor, parent, band director, or student, it can be challenging to decide which sheet music and technique books to focus on. This list is the resource I share with my students. It is a compilation of the best beginner and intermediate flute music that I use in my private studio on a regular basis.

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Your First Beginner Flute Book

If you are just getting started I recommend the Elementary Method for Flute by Rubank. The book will walk you through your first 6-months of on the flute. It introduces notes and rhythms one at a time and includes easy duets you can play with your teacher or another student. There is also a fingering chart included.

Beginner and Intermediate Flute Duets

Duets are a great way to build ensemble skills and have fun. These are three progressive recommendations. The Belwin flute duets are extremely easy and ideal for any beginner just starting out. The Voxman duets offer easy to intermediate repertoire for students who have outgrown the Belwin duets.

Beginner and Intermediate Flute Etudes

Etudes are a good way to work on scale technique in a melodic fashion. The Melodious and Progressive studies takes you through each key to help you learn technical combinations in melodic passages.

  • The Melodious and Progressive Studies for Flute, Book 1 by Robert Cavally | Buy on Amazon

Beginner and Intermediate Flute Scales and Technique Books

This book is very easy and approachable. I recommend this as a students first scale book.

The Trevor Wye books are excellent for all levels. Each one covers a different topic. The book below has all 6 books combined and is recommended for any serious student.

The Art of Chunking is recommended for intermediate students. There are some excellent warm-ups in the beginning with harmonics. The rest of the book provides common scale and arpeggio exercises, plus a few intermediate to advanced baroque solo pieces in the back.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced players, these common and standard daily exercise are used by students and professionals alike. They will help students master difficult fingering combinations and keep scale patterns under their fingers.

Beginner and Intermediate Flute Solos

There is a vast number of solo repertoire available. The best intermediate flute solos for beginners is this concert and contest collection. It offers a number of solo pieces in one book. This collection comes with a digital music download that offers recorded tracks of both parts and just the piano. This book is often used for All State competitions as well.


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