Adjusting Your Own Oboe

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Oboes naturally fall out of adjustment from regular use. It is important to send your oboe to a qualified double reed specialist once a year for a tune up to keep pads sealing, mechanisms working, and check for issues. Assuming your oboe has been tuned up recently and all the pads are sealing, these basic adjustments should fix any issues you are having. I personally use several of these adjustments regularly in lessons with my students to keep their oboes playing well. Although John uses a testing strip, I was taught to do adjustments with the “playing test” and recommend you choose the method that works best for you.*Beginning students should not attempt any adjustments on their own! Please bring your oboe to your lesson for adjustments if you have any questions.

Recommended Adjustment Guide Books

The book Oboe Art and Method by Marin Schuring has an excellent, comprehensive adjustment guide inside.
The Oboe Adjustment Guide by Brian Seaton is also a wonderful free reference.

Adjustment Videos by John Peterson

Sheet Music Plus Music for Woodwinds


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